Summary, recommendations and materials (talks, posters)

Objectives of the workshop

The aim of this workshop was to provide Arvor-Provor Argo float users with extensive technical information and to share best practices. The workshop was organized by Argo-Canada and Argo-France and took place at Ifremer in Brest, France on 28 to 30 January 2020.
At the end of the meeting, the attendees should:
  • Understand the Arvor-Provor float technology and the different existing float types;
  • Have information on the planned upgrades and be able to provide insight on their priorities;
  • Have an overview of some ongoing projects using Arvor & Provor profiling floats;
  • Understand the suggested pre-deployment procedures and how a float can be deployed, thanks to the hands-on at the test pool;
  • Understand the mandatory information needed for a float to be registered at JCOMMOPS and processed by a DAC;
  • Have better knowledge of the tools provided at JCOMMOPS, Coriolis GDAC and DAC.

Organizing Committee

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